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[12 Aug 2006|10:27am]

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feels like i fell off the plannet [19 Oct 2005|06:25pm]
[ mood | sick ]

wow . i havent updated in so long.. .wow so much was missed and cant be rememberd like


when the sox came here.. colleen and jen ... what about pig papi and kevin millar * what else is good*

and going to boston


and the marlins and agonz



just so much! ahh



but i am back!

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jus a lil bit [24 Aug 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

wow update time, yah just for a minute because for like two weeks i havent had a computer cause my power cord broke and getting a new one has just been a nightmare but it should be here shortly.. to make along update short...



i obvioulsy have no life so ntohing changed but i will update bout a great 50 cent show with tony YAYOOOOOOOOOO hot poof

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dont know if im doing this right but whateva [10 Aug 2005|12:43am]
[ mood | okay ]

i am going to mark x for yes and - for now i am guessing and i dont know why im doing this cause i soo soo soo love the red sox or care ..err ok....... but i am so bored and watching laguna beach duh


[-] I know atleast 5 players' birthdays
[X] I'm glad they traded Nomar... ......
[-] David Wells is my favorite pitcher on the Red Sox
[-] Doug Mirabelli should play more
[-] Theo Esptein is a genius
[X] I find it amusing when Terry gets ejected  ~i like any onfield drama~
[X] I know who Rem Dawg and Announcer Boy are
[-] I have season tickets to the Red Sox
[-] I have atleast 3 Red Sox shirts
[X] My friends think I'm crazy because of how much time I spend watching the Red Sox ~maaaaaaaybe the yaaaaankeeeeees~
[X] I respect some of the Yankees players ~i love love love love the yankees and respect most~
[-] I have something that says "Yankees Suck" on it
[-] I can spell Mientkiewicz without looking it up
[-] Jason Varitek is a great Captain
[-] I have Bronson Arroyo's CD *i want it though
[-] I hate the Devil Rays even if they are not competion
[-] Some part of my e-mail/livejournal/profile has something to do with the Red Sox
[X] I cried when the Red Sox won the World Series ...cause it wasnt fair hahha and i love love pedro..some how...
[X] I went to the World Series parade ~ohhhh 1990 ... you know that feeeeeling~
[-] The World Series Trophy came to my town/school
[-] I would root for the NL team in the World Series if the Yankees were playing
[X] I hate bandwagon fans
[-] I admit to being a bandwagon fan
[-] I live/breath/sleep/eat Red Sox
[-] I watch ll 162 games no matter what
[-] I have a lucky spot to watch the game from in my house
[-] If the Red Sox lost I blame it on myself because I didn't fall the routine
[-] I never lost the faith during the playoffs ,... never had faithhhhhhhhhh in them hehe
[-] "Boston Your My Home" has a meaning to you
[X] I've met a Red Sox player ~unforchinatly cause then thye went on to win the world series.. fuckkkkkkkkkkeres~
[X] I go to spring training.............. i will when i am in callly
[-] Kevin Youkilis is a good player
[-] I'm glad we have Manny ~ dont have manny.. but maybe the mets will next year then ill be glad~
[-] My favorite player is David Ortiz
[-] I have eaten/bought Red Sox ice cream from Hood
[-] I read Faithful
[-] I am a citizen of Red Sox Nation
[-] I've watched a game from the Green Monster
[-] I watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when the Red Sox were on it.
[x] I get angry when the game is on Fox/ESPN because I hate the announcers
[X] Hearing about Schilling's bloody sock more then once in the 2005 season annoys me
[-] I named a pet after a player on the Red Sox
[x] I hate Keith Foulke
[x] We need to get rid of Keith Foulke
[-] I live in Massachusetts
[-] I live in New England...
[-] I get NESN even though I don't live in New England
[-] Redsox.com is my home page
[-] I swear at my TV/throw things at my TV when the Red Sox make errors/lose
[X] I cut out pictures/articles about the Red Sox from a newspaper/magazine ( only pedro when he had the poof )
[-] My backround has to do with Red Sox
[-] I saw Fever Pitch
[X] Johnny Damon looks like Jesus
[-] I have a Red Sox Monopoly
[-] I stay in on Friday/Saturday nights to watch the Red Sox games
[-] I tell my friends I can't go out with them because I'm watching the Red Sox games

[-] I have a Boston accent
[X] I sometimes talk to the players on screen when they aren't doing what I want them to do
[X] I'm super glad we have Gabe Kapler back ...cause hes hot and jewish and we like to yell dave when hes walking by ?!?
[x] I think Nomar was on steroids and thats why his body sucks ass and keeps breaking
[-] I have a Curt Schilling shirt NEVER IN THIS LIFE TIME
[-] I have a pink Red Sox article of clothing
[-] Trot Nixon is the only regular outfielder who can both hit and catch the ball well
[X] Manny and Ortiz are the best 3 and 4 hitters in the game today
[-] I get very annoyed with our base coaches
[-] I get annoyed when Manny makes stupid mistakes in the outfield THAT IS WHAT I LIVE FOR.. OH THE WHALE
[-] Ortiz has great defense
[-] If I won the lottery, most of my money would go to buying Red Sox things
[-] I'm happy we won because I'm sick about hearing about the Patriots
[-] I memorize NESN commercials and get mad when they change them and I have to learn the new ones
[X] Johnny Damon needs a haircut
[-] I buy things from Dunkin Donuts because of the Johnny Damon commercials
[X] I remember where I was when the Red Sox finally won the World Series *
[-] I like to watch Jason Varitek punch A-Rod over and over again
[-] Before Fenway Park, I know where the Red Sox used to play
[-] David Wells' shirt bothers me
[X] I can begin watching the Red Sox game at any point and can you tell who is up to bat/pitching without the name having to be at the bottom of the screen/on the back of their shirts (i.e. I can tell by their stance/pitching motions)
[-] It makes me mad that Youkilis never plays
[ -] I wish there were more Millar, Varitek, Foulke, Mueller, Nixon, Youkilis, Arroyo, Clement shirts in the stores.
[-] I yell at people when they pretend they understand what you're talking about when you're talking about baseball.
[-] When people's favorite players are Ortiz or Manny I yell at them and tell them to branch out
[-] I have a World Series DVD
[-] I've broken things when something bad has happened during the game
[-] I get mad when people don't pronounce our players' names correctly
[-] Pedro annoyed the hell out of me
[-] I'm glad Pedro is gone
[-] I'm glad Derek Lowe left
[-] NESN commercials get stuck in my head
[X] My friends are as crazy as I am when it comes to the Red Sox
[X] One of my friends is a Yankees fan *THAT WOULD BE ME*
[-] I love Bronson Arroyo's high leg kick
[-] I've bought newspapers/magazines just because there was something Red Sox in it/on it
[-] Don and Jerry crack me up
[-] I miss Alan Embree
[-] I'm glad Alan Embree went to the Yankees because now we can beat them MORE!
[-] I hate watching Tim Wakefield pitch
[-] My favorite baseball player is on the Red Sox
[X] If my favorite baseball player left the Red Sox I would still follow him as well as the Red Sox
[X] I know why John Olerud wears a helmet in the field as well as at bat
[-] I love Jason Varitek's thighs
[X] I have a life size standee of a Red Sox Player ...NOOOOOO RED SOX BUT YES.. YES TO A YANKEE
[X] I wish they traded Manny
[X] I find it odd that atleast three of our former players went to the Mets
[-] I don't follow trades in the offseason
[-] I go through Red Sox denial in the offseason
[X] If it is an off day for the Red Sox, I'll watch other baseball games if they are on
[-] I have Red Sox posters
[-] Most of my room/dorm room has to do with Red Sox
[-] My favorite player on the Red Sox is Matt Clement
[-] I cried when Matt Clement got hurt
[-] I love Alex Cora
[[-] Adam Stern should play more
[X] I knew Manny wasn't going to be traded because he does this every year

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justwhatifeelatthemoment... [07 Aug 2005|11:08pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I will not make the same mistakes that you did 
I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery 
I will not break the way you did 
You fell so hard 
I've learned the hard way, to never let it get that far 

Because of you 
I never stray too far from the sidewalk 
Because of you 
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt 
Because of you 
I find it hard to trust 
Not only me, but everyone around me 
Because of you 
I am afraid 

I lose my way 
And it's not too long before you point it out 
I cannot cry 
Because I know that's weakness in your eyes 
I'm forced to fake a smile, a laugh
Every day of my life 
My heart can't possibly break 
When it wasn't even whole to start with 

Because of you 
I never stray too far from the sidewalk 
Because of you 
I learned to play on the safe side 
So I don't get hurt 
Because of you 
I find it hard to trust 
Not only me, but everyone around me 
Because of you 
I am afraid 

I watched you die 
I heard you cry
Every night in your sleep 
I was so young 
You should have known better than to lean on me 
You never thought of anyone else 
You just saw your pain 
And now I cry 
In the middle of the night 
For the same damn thing

Because of you 
I never stray too far from the sidewalk 
Because of you 
I learned to play on the safe side 
So I don't get hurt 
Because of you 
I tried my hardest just to forget everything 
Because of you 
I don't know how to let anyone else in 
Because of you 
I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty 
Because of you 
I am afraid 

Because of you
Because of you

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Dont even know .... [06 Aug 2005|01:51am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I know i didnt update about the past weekend wit the bsb concert and i think there was an almost baseball thing involved and the spontanious trip to hartford.. but oh well i have other stuff on my mind right now.. so that is what i am going to talk about now... and now i mean RIGHT NOW..


First - I am home not C.P. but home home Corning.. and just being here puts me in the worst mood ever.. why I dont even know where to start on explaining why.  I mean i know i should be happy and in a good mood because of the reason why I am home, but something, I just cant be I hate it here, i never do anything when I am here but sit here on the computer or sleep on the couch because other people think my room is theres, so then my mom gets pissed because I say i dont like coming home, why would I want to come home when i have nothing here,, NOT EVEN A FUCKING BED ROOM.. great.. real comforting.. home yeah... just what i like to call.. i love sleeping on a couch when i blanktonly have my own room. that some poeple just like to think its theres or something and then are like " if you want to sleep in the room you can"... well guess what fuck it, but thats for the invite to sleep in my own fucking room.. appriciate it.. PATHEDIC.. ugh  icnat wait to bne far far away when i dont even have to worry bout being able to be home. plus i think WE ALL know how much i LOVE being told what to do and taking orders, that goes over so well, so all day since i have been home thats all ive gotten and yeah im a reeal team player when that comes .... or not... i dont even know whats wrong with me right now but i know i feel like ppooooo.. and i dont even know.. i dont think anything cvould make me happy or in a good mood right now./... or maybe a select few.... maybe miggy walking in the door right now with agonz going can i get a towel... or i dont even know...


Secondly - i need to sit and evaluate my life pros cons inbetweens ups and downs... happies sads i dont even know all i know is im not really happy where i am right now and i just want to talk to someone about it and i dont know who i can talk to anymore or anything, and i dont evne know what i want to talk about, so i might some day randomly post an entry that makes no sense to anyone but my self, but thats cool cause i love my own language. when i get my head clear maybe thigns will be different,. but i doubt it i never get any time to even think anymore its dumb, i cant breathe with out knowing i have to go do something or feeling pressured to do something or like i have to be on the go or im forgetting something important... procrastination.. in the long run it will fuck you.. that i promise.. i think this melt down is coming because i feel like my whole world is falling apart one day at a time, everything kinda happens at once, and i try to act like i dont care that certain things happen, or happened but deep down it hurts, and i dont know how to change it.. i know there are certain things i have to change and that i try to but i cant no matter what i go back to the same old stuff and i dont know why...its not even the things i do, its the way i am, i know i am a bitch to most people, if i dont like you im probably a bitch to your face if i see you or dont talk to you or probably even talk shit about you... thats not right i know but i cant help it, you know everyone does it, and its not right but what you gonna do, i know im a bitch to even my bestest people sometimes  for no reason, im definatly mean and a bitch to my family.. why i dont know... i dont know who i think i am or anything or why i think it is ok to act this way, really honestly im NOTHING.. no body... nothing useless, this i all know this, yet i go around acting like i am better than everyone half the time, and i know im not, so i dont know whats wrong with me.. yeah i should stop.. and start acting like what i am ... some average chick that has some dreams that want to get to come true, but in reality..know they arnet going to , so should probably follow up on something different.


Thirdly -  I know the life i life and the things i do in my day to day life.. its really not a day to day life for many people, so yeah i should feel happy about it but on the other side, maybe what i need is something different.. i tell my self everytime every day every minute.. i dont want anything serious with anyone *guy* wise or commitment cause it wont really be comitment with what i do, and thats not fair to anyone, but like warren told me the other day i need a boyfriend to keep me in check.. maybe thats true, maybe bcause my sister is getting married and the girl i work with and talk to every day is getting married its making me go nuts and think too deep about relationships and everything.. like honestly do i really want something. and then on the flip side, i know that i dont trust anyone , and cant let me self get close to anyone anymore cause of the whole chris thing, cuase how much i liked him and everything and i know it was so long ago now , and i dont know why it still has so much affect on me but it does, and i cant even look at a guy and be like oh wow i could want to be with you for longer than like a day... nah, its always like ok they want some ass and then they will leave or they will like me for a minute and then they will leave so there fore i will for them and get left in the dust so why is it worth all the hassle, why cant anything be like tv, l ike i was watching the prince and me, why cant stuff like that really happen , not even have to be a real prince, but why cant some decent guy like you and really like you.. not want to like you for  your appearance what you have or just becuase they are horny bastards.. that i will never understand.. i just want to scream so loud right now becasue i am so confused bout everything.. .



ok i cant do this anymore i am going nuts, i will have a fourth  to like a thousand by the end of the weekend so people just chill and if you have any advice.. holler at me cause i need some.. ok thanks! :)






if i am mean to you, well i am sorry, for the most part

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i opened up my eyes and you were with me [20 Jul 2005|09:11pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So I thought I was going to get some sleep before the plane but obviously not how can i sleep.. DUH .. I am bout to go to texas.. so weird and strange i  know haha My birth place and i wouldnt want my first time going there to be any different. I am currently waiting for Colleen to get here and throw  my shit in a suit case and who knows what else and then peace to LGA, and then hit up CHITOWN, maybe see the fields in our like 82379 hour wait for the next plane, but who knows, I am watching the A's game right now, and Zito is pitching he has a shut out threw 6 2/3 ... so i hope he can get this last out..... Curt .. is on the phone probably calling on dusch or papi.. highlights im looking forward to.. no ugly, boos im not looking forward too no fuita.... zito looks amazing tho .. and my boyfriend macha.. extremely hot.  they are rocking the phiten, which obviously i will be the only one with the pink, and i am sure i will let them all know they copied colleen and i.. i do wish danielle was coming with us because i love her, but we are going to the game on wednesday the yankees play the twins, then the backtreet boy concert sunday, but i also have yankee tickets vs the angels, yah thats what i said the angelsare coming back.. .(and zito just struck out kennedy for 7 shut out innings)... the good ol pull pen of the los angeles angels of anaheim.. oh man but i should go pack more cause i dont think i have enough haha nad you should see what i have...



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totaly sick to my stomach [19 Jul 2005|11:18pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

people are so disgusting it makes me sick, never ever ever do i want to be ewwwwwwww ahh i cant think .... i love being so far away and still knowin the gross stuff

if u give marcos head your sick thats all i can say

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no word [18 Jul 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

As I sit here waiting for the yankee game to start in texas I reazlie.. what am I doing!! I promised that I was going to start today! We all hate Kevin Brown and I promised I wouldnt have any back problems so yikes I should probably go now.

I was just watching this thing on YES bout the 96' world series and I think I am in love and want to go back to then. First was Jeter a baby and Boggs, and O'Neil, Pettetti  was a baby ... Mo pitched 7th and 8th innings, we beat the Braves pitching staff which was ridiculas. Jimmy L and his pinch hitting skills, Charlie Hayes who is like no one but still someone because of 96. All the bad things that were going on for Torre, when they just showed the last out honestly I had tears in my eyes... amazing..



OK to present day... AJ DONT GO TO THE O'S COME TO THE SPANKS.. THANKS! You know you dont want to be an O... that means mr. bigbie is going away and I love him so please no. Although I probably will never see any of you again because the only thing I am doing after texas is going to baseball games. The only teams I am going to see is people I have contacts with. So done and over it, too richharden for me and things that happen because of it.. NOT WORTH IT.... So whoever does it, more power to you and have fun, Im out. No baltimore cause first of all, I cant get the time off cause this kid Jason at work is stupid and lost hte calander to give to Warren and he said no requests were going to be proccessed. Probably will go back to Boston for the A's cause duh have contacts, after thinking bout it, debatable for the Yankees .... there might be 2 teams I might go and try to see, but thats it, and for once night if I dont get anything out of it I am not going to be retarded and keep going back to sit in a lobby, cause Im done, and I am starting to give my self a little more respect for my self that too look like a retard to other people. If I am out in the city and run into someone thats one thing,

Somethings just pushed me over the edge today, and I really can't take it anymore.. and if anything interesting goes down, fun for you but i dont care............... and we should all know why i am feeling this way.. fucking retard.. all i can say


Last words


Danielle 6 months til LA!!

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[18 Jul 2005|05:22pm]
people are so fucking retarded .. i am so pissed right now... and will be for a while cause people are fucking retarded .. so whatever

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shut up you silly putz [17 Jul 2005|10:33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i just thought it was extremely important for me to update and say go figure after adventures in yankeeland.. guess who gets activated..


now pitching for the new york mets #28 Juan Padilla


yeah .. wow amazing i am in love and SO going to the game tomorrow if i get out of work early again.. colleen i think you go back back to work tomorrow soo hit me up at work email, as soon as you get there you better hit me up..



and i forgot i had to update bout the rest of the yankee fun... but i am going to bed now..

and they wouldnt stop showing brian cashmoneyman on the game on espn tonight, and wow he didnt have an ugly shirt on but he still was as little as my pinky and that world series ring probably wasnt as big as my hand...

the yankees are .5games out of first!!

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it hurts [06 Feb 2005|01:06am]
[ mood | confused ]

So - After last night, yeah I dont know what I am going to do. I think my problem is I take everything to seriously. The littlest thing, I think it will amount to the biggest thing. Something that means nothing to anyone else can mean the world to me you know? I fall to fast to hard to everything. I need to stop because its starting to drive me crazy. Sometimes I think oh it would be great to have that one guy, whether he is your boyfriend or just you friend, that you know both ways that when you arent with him he knows you arent with anyone else, and when you arent with him you know hes not out there on the prowl looking for someone else to take home that night. Someone you would see on a regular basis and not once every 2 weeks or once in a blue moon, hey maybe you could even see him when you both or sober. Which in my case it never happens why. Like seriously I fall so easy I dont understand. Take beisball fun for example.. exhibit A.. Bryn. I saw the kid 2 times, right and for a month! I wouldnt even like kiss another guy and if I did, i would regret it like whoa and run out of the room, even from the hottest guys ever! What is wrong with me, I knew there would be nothing between him and I, seriously we might have fooled around a little bit but then he K'd out and that was that, so i guess we talked or who knows what happened... but something happen i dont remember to make me like him so much, and even today out of the blue just miss him soooo much!! Its kind of crazy, ok so I've seen the kid 2 times up close once driving by an talked to him maybe 4 times on the phone since September and I still get caught up in him.. WHY. He is still just one example. I use to think everything I wanted I would get, why, i dont know who I thought i was but yeah i definatly got a reality check moving and actually realizing how life goes, and i totally hate it now a days. I mean what happened to the days where we would see M and A on tv and be like them.. and go run into them, and have sex like 20 times in one ngith nad have it be the best ever.. and have everything happen exactly the way i wanted it, or we planned. Why cant it all be like that. Why cant i just be to the people i like " dude i really like you " and why cant they say awesome ok, i like you too, instead they say, "i am sorry but nothing will come of this its just this right here .. no commitment and blah". i think i might cry if someone told me that, i mean it was hard enough last night just getting over it on top of things i was going threw, it was the last thing i wanted to see or even imagine. i figured that he would be the person i could count on and comfort me and talk to me and help me threw this, i mean given point he did try to talk to me for a while at the bar but i was over it and it just was annoying to even listen to his voice after a few minutes. But me being the person that i am, i will not act like anything bothers me around any of them because i dont wnat htem to think i am crazy and how i actually thought something would happen with one of the biggest slut faces in town, cause they would just laugh in my face the and say I am crazy. So I just act as nothing was bothering me, I mean i have no reason to even be mad, the other time we were at the bar i blantenly kissed like 12 guys right infrong of him just to be like woo hoo look at me. might not have been the smartest move ever but... i thought things were changing, i mean he acted as if they were, but obviously they werent why would the be! nothing good like that happens.


Then on the flip side, i wonder why am i even stressing out over this, cause i really dont know, do i even really want to have the one person especially as the spring is ariving and you know i cant say no to my MC and fellow buddies and that would just make things worse. so why do i even care,  or do i actually think i could be good, threw all baseball and be with him or someone. i just dont understand my head is runnign wild and wilder what am i suppose to think or do, or how do i even handle this situation. Im so confused I dont know what to do!!

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i remember what... [01 Feb 2005|03:22am]

the correct answer would be nothing!


and that is that and i will update tomorrow owoo hoo


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another good weekend to end a boring week!!! [16 Jan 2005|10:19pm]
[ mood | sore ]

So the week alone it  was pretty lame, i will have to admit that because well honestly we know it was!! Not like i had anything to do but run jen to work and stuff. Except i learned that i am an extremely bad influence hahaha.

So nothing exciting happened until thursday night... Colleen left school and came over she got into the city around 2am.. haha yeah, weird,.. soo me and jen came and got her, we came back chilled around maybe went to sleep a decent time highly doubtful but still.. and then we got up for Friday.

Friday - we planned on going to a club for the night time and just whatever in the day. We yes.. i swear.. we did.. we ran to Shea Stadium!! I am so proud of us because the distance on the way and back equals to 6miles, and do you know how long it has been since ive ran.. a mile ... let alone 6!! Actually I dont think I have ever ran six!! but yeah it was cold, but it wasnt half as bad as i thought it was going to be! You know that you attract spanish men, when you look like we did and we got called "hey cutties" by  mexicans.. yah they are soo clean.. im sure.  but anyways so we got back it didnt even take us as long as i thought so it was all good.. i will admit i was tired as hell when we got back, and we relaxed and watched a movie or something and then started to shower and get ready to head into manhattan and go out. we left around 9, and headed over to webster hall ( dont recommend this place to anyone ) it was lame at first, like if you got there before 12 it was free otherwise it was like $30 (not worth it) the place in its self was ok they had a hip hop room, a regualar room , and 2 latin ones ... we chilled on each floor for a little while before braved the hip hop one, that was where we wanted to be well because we knew the music.. and it was good. we got hounded by a lot of weirdoes that couldnt dance so we needed to start drinking.. the fucking drinks were $9 each so that wasnt getting us drunk, but it got really scary we got molested and rapped and my pants unbuckled wouldnt get let go and it was like a orgy cause we were getting pulled in like 2937 directions, realized all my shit was gone so we had to hunt it, i still had my money at this point but some how as soon as i found all my cards and stuff, the my money disapeared. we practically had to crawl out to escape and ran into the bathroom where they practically followed us, yikes! and then we just ran up the stairs and out the door! were i called sloppy and he didnt answer but thats not new, and he didnt come to the rescue, and then  i called adam cause he doesnt live 3000 miles away and he could help!! but he called us back and made sure we were ok and he never calls so that was so nice, we called jen and went to fridays to wait for her to get done with work, we chilled there seriously til 8 am, colleen and i played bartender for me, her, jen, little dave, joe, willy and someone else.. there were some random people too but i had to be the door opener and let them all out. it was un ebing the bartender i think i had a shot of everything that was behind the bar, i did 4 shots of sambuca, 2 vodkas, a soco and something mix, vodka and cranbery, some blue shit and much more of random shit.. and i didnt get sick.. not to mention i had bacardi and coke before the club and 2 cranberry vodkas at the club. so yeah you could sday i was pretty torn up.. colleen had beer and a lot of liquor too, she got sick but "it was cause of joe" who knows what happened but.. yah... we will leave it at taht, we blaired the music so loud and i def danced on ledges! Tommy the cop came by to say hi with his hot cop van and all the new babies of the cop force. but yeah it was a good time, Dave drove us home, jen and i were hungry and colleen jsut needed to sleep so we dropped her off  , dave , me , jen and will went to ihop, ate came home and went to bed til 6pm.


Saturday - colleen and i and danielle were suppose to come up to boston and go out and get the rest of my junk, but taht didnt happene obviously cause we woke up at 6pm, and danielle was sick. so we just chilled, we needed this, we coudlnt walk or more from dancing and running, so we were run down, we watched the football game and jen was at work again really late, i felt so bad, cause she only got like3 hours of sleep! so we went to the store and bought food.. colleen ms home cooker made me chicken parm.. yummy i was craving it forever! it was so good she defiantly gets an a+ and can cook for me whenver.. hehe.. but so we watched all football, and movies and waited for jen, we went to bed at 5amlol, well tried, i swear someone came up an dknocked on the door at 6am but im not sure i could have been dreaming or something but i doubt it and i think it really happeend.. so then we woke up casue jen had to work i drove her to the train..

sunday.. after driving jen to the train colleen and i packed up and came home, i had to get some stuff from bioston and so doesnt colleen. so i am at her house right now. just chillen , i tried to watch football but i fell asleep til 9 at night, doestn suprise me.. we are leaving tomorrow and heading back .. back for a week of no fun..


wednesday i have an interview maybe landing a job i hope so cause it will pay 29000 a year, and 8000 a semester for school , plus full health benefits from day one and all these other perks, so im gona try my best


but my arm hurts so im out!!

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what the hell are you waiting for [13 Jan 2005|12:44am]
[ mood | tired ]

I know its been awhile since I updated, about this weekend and everything and I know I have two friends, Jamie and Colleen that even read this.. cause everyone else is so dorky and doesnt have one.. hehee but im gonna make them soo.. let me give the update from this weekend..."*if i can remember*"

So I have offically survived my first weekend here in queens. Its alright. Went really good with my friends here and all the train wreck nights that happened.. so here we go..

Friday - Colleen, Danielle and Melissa were coming in for the the weekend (well colleen stayed the weekened and D and M stayed the night) Jen had no work well because ummmmmmmmmmm she got suspended like thursday or wednesdays or maybe even tuesday for not wearing the right shoes.. that sucks huh!! Our couches were coming too, so I had to wait for them to get here before we could go in and get colleen, it wasnt fair to make colleen ride a train to a place she has no idea where it is.. so i said wed come get her. so afte they couches came we got around to head in, we planned on staying at the bar for  a little while and wait for D and M to get in from Jersey. Got in and got Colleen around ehh 6, parked and went to the bar.. we got there and there was just a bunch of weirdos like old guys, no steve but some bitch bar tender that was our waitress cause Jen and Colleen got food. we got free samples of some colt shit, wasnt that bad. We just chilled talked some baseball with old dudes why the other table of on lookers were still old fat and ugly, then we saw Carlin!! We know him.. from previous times at the bar.. hes dominican yup and hes soo hot! In walked the pope John Paul and little jewish Sam, so we knew them and they say by us, we talked a shit load of baseball and whatever... Colleen and I decided it was time to get serious bout drinking and started pounding away vodka and cranberry's, it was good cause then i called Tommy (the NYC policeman) he was on patrol and what not, soo he asked where i was and stopped by.. it was soo weird yah, his partner wanted to see my friends so i called Colleen out, and whatever we made plans to hang out on his off day...ekk.. so we went back in and drank more waiting for Danielle and Melissa, in the mean time we met some Ecuadorians named Loca hahahha or maybe he was mexican im not sure but he had a side kick which was awesome. you know how us and spanish dudes do!! oh yeah i forgot John Paul gave me money to get drinks woohoo hes awesome! :) .. so whatever finally the girls got there they didnt wanna come in at first but we made them cause we love them and we love the bar, and well yah we were pretty much already gone.. and sooo to end the night.. we stayed at the bar til around 4 am maybe when it closed or left a little sooner, we got mad free drinks from all 18378 spanish people we met, maybe even kissed a few, i was kinda pissed that night, cause i realized im right bout everything, even things i didnt want to be right about.. that i got told would never be true, but yeah Traci knows all, ran into chris and the other coworkers from fridays... i went nuts and said i was going to hit a tree.. that didnt go over good but i dont really feel like getting into details cause it just pisses me off..  but finally left the bar after being absoulty drunk had a keep the faith ride home, got home ate im sure, and did something weird pretty much sure of that, and then went to bed around 6 or 7 who knows.. i forgot to mention this little girl Melissa you guys dont really know her ( well i guess you do haha) SHE DRINKS JACK DANIELS hats off to her cuase that shit fucks with me, but i didnt drink a tad bite of it that night for the hell of it, and we danced a lot took pictures and wow my legs hurt lol

Saturday - Danielle and Melissa left early afternoon, cause it was getting bad and danielle had to babysit some time. Jen, Colleen and I jus chilled around the house for a while, ordered pizza ended up falling asleep for a long time and then at what is our day time 10pm, took showers and got ready to go to blacks party. I wasnt too sure how it was going to go since the shit that happened friday that pissed me off i didnt want to threw it again.. :-/ .... but we finally left and got there around 12, there was like 18787 people there, and more than half were spanish haha.. the first words we heard when we walked up the stairs where "tego c...." it was awesome, because friday we wanted some daddy yankee and ect. but they didnt have any and they promised they would have it for us on saturday!! which they kept their promise.. arnt spanish people awesome!! sooo yeah then oye mi canto came on like back to back or something it was awesome so much reggaton i was in love, but everyone asked why we werent dancing.. duh we werent drunk, so we finally got some drinks. everyone from fridays started showing up, chris dave marla lil jon.. you know the whole crew, im awesome cause dave said hi to me, and i blew him off, and he didnt really like it, cause he made it apoint that i didnt say hi..oop.. :-( but whatever.. so yah decided to really game got another drunk and didnt sip it out of the straw just chugged it!! thatta girl.. got another one and went to town.. i dont know how many shots we did but i know we took one we didnt even know what it was.. i just pointed to a bottle and said,,, "that" but whatever we are alive didnt die. then it was time to dance.. dancing is so fun, and everyone looks forward to us, we didnt get nagged like 28787 times to dance.. so finally we did. dave was tryin to dance but as everyone was calling him white boy, yeah he dances like a white boy. it was fun tho.. finally i danced with black which yikes i shouldnt have cause he picked me up backwards we did some weird dance and they video taped it ahhhhhh!! but whatever ... thats not the worst thing that happeend that night lol .. we drnak more and met some more poeple that bought us drinks.. had people being gross and tryin to put their hands down the back of my pants,.. but you know ;-) .. well u might not but i do.. sh.. everyone was being soo out spoken. i was a theorpist for hte guy from ga, cause he was telling me his life story after we jsut met.. Andjew came .. gotta love that cause its so fun to mess with him.. when he clearly should recgonize.. I WILL NEVER SPEND THE NIGHT IN THE BK WITH HIM.. so stop waisting your breath by asking me every single time.. and dont call me sugar.. please "sugar sugar how'd you get so flyyy" but whatever so we just chilled around, i dont know how many people got a kiss by im guessing the number is more than 6, but i guess i ended the night with the person i wanted to kiss :-/ .. .hmm .. so it got late and the bar was closing again.. everyone tried to steal us and take us to their "private parties" but sober jen was there to help us and tell us NO!! we were gonna give chris dave and marla a ride back here, but marla and dave dont have the faith, but i understand daves situation.. but we took chris with us, i peed under a truck at the post office on the way back to the car, and chris drove..kinda.. im glad i still have a cluch cause he blows!! but good thing he drove over the queensboro cause wow i wouldnt have made it and prolly would have landed us in the water we have to cross!! but finally he gave up and let me drive cause am the best keep the faith driver, we dropped jen off home cause she was tired and dint want to continue to hang out, colleen and i went over to chris and met up with his friend yikes..hahah yeah yikes is right..lol... i mean hes ok.. and a nice guy but no way would anything ever happen.. chris stopped and got our favorite mexican drinks... corona.. woohoo with out us even asking or maybe i think we might have told him to get that lol, but whatever we just chilled at chris, he had a cat and i thought colleen was going to die. dave called to make sure we were ok, and i talked to him on the phone and learned a lot.. and decided i dont care about anything.... hes just a guy to have around... you know what i mean.. but so we finally were getting tired and gonna pass out so we left  chris around 7 something am, and headed to the hot spot, but not in quincy.. in queens.. ihop there is no rachel.. but .. nevertheless its still ihop.. we ate.. or i tired to atleast.. cause i didnt fall asleep in my food like 3878 times, oh well.. we came home and fell asleep

Sunday.. woke up at like 1, to danielle calling me when i realzied i was still drunk basically fell of the bed and colleen too, yah u know u drank a lot when u fall asleep and you are still drunk when you wake up.. so we definatly went back to bed til like 4pm. when colleens bus was at 430... yah she definatly wasnt making that, but we finally got around and brought her to the bus at 6 and i didnt sit in traffic for like 2 hours on the way back cause someone decided to run out of gas in the middle of the lie.. yah.. smart.. way to do a traci move.. and then im pretty sure jen and i went to the store at liek 3 am to do some grocery shopping.!!  lol


ever since then its been pretty low key hanging around the house.. today was the most productive day, went to macys to pay a bill, and then did laundry.. tomorrow i gotta get a bank account or im gonna shoot my self!!


but there you have it and now im gonna go and sleep in my bed,  i havent slept in it since ummmm saturday night i dont know why either, i just havent ive fallen asleep on the couch watching movies.. expect last night i tried to pull an all nighter with colleen but i passed out come around 7am.. and i even got to talk to danielle before she went to work... yah im not strange weird or just totally unnormal..


************************** stay dominican *******************************

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all i can say is [11 Jan 2005|01:53am]
[ mood | lazy ]

i dont know why i have my layout the way i do, i dont even like the mets but i love petey.. haha... who care hes hot.. and i think the colors kind of match, im not sure at all tho.. but hehe.. someday i will update about this weekeend but not now i need to get away from the computer, and eat some easy  cheese hehe

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stolen from colleen duh [10 Jan 2005|04:12am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

collen thanks... i have something to do at 4am along with eating my cheese and crackersCollapse )

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life as i know it is over [20 Dec 2004|02:47am]
[ mood | crazy ]

First and foremost, I have a shit load to talk about but at 2:47am is not the time, when I only got liek 2mins of sleep last night, and probably the same will occur tonight. Just look at my LJ layout, it so has to be changed now, I am the altimate curse, it was this layout for what 2 weeks.. and im sure everyone knows now, how Mark Mulder was traded to the  STL. FUCKING SHIT if you ask me!! But i wont go in to that right now... ill do it tomorrow or soo.. and also get into the met, and yankees.. and well mainly a long a's update cuase i hate billy...more than boras..


Colleen- i know you are working, and you usually read this when you are at work, so if you got my messages on line, and voice mails, leave me if you are up to it, i know its nothing exicited and retarded and we shouldnt but, they have a shit load of free alcohol, we just gotta pay to get there, if we spilt the gas, i think it would be cheap drunk trip... but let me know.. call me sometime, or come to my work and visit.hehe




(oh yeah i will update about Bronson and how he has our letter an the stupid Jesse thing and everyting else in the next few.. yah.. hold your breathe)

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[14 Nov 2004|04:55am]

if you want to be my friend and read this.. then comment.. heeyaaaaw

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